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i-Saksham sees education, digital literacy, awareness about socio-economic issues and vocational skills as core tools to bring capabilities to individuals and societies. There have been improvements and innovations in the way we learn, however that has been limited to urban areas/elites of India, leaving a huge quality and opportunity deficit at unreached rural areas.

i-Saksham acknowledges the need and urgency to bridge this gap and to provide quality learning at door steps of people residing in the most backward areas of the country.


A Society where people from excluded sections are well educated, skilled and self reliant


To attain first milestone of providing quality elementary education to 5 million poor children, skilling 50,000 youths to be community tutors, and 5 lakhs youth skilled in various vocational trades by 2025.

i-Saksham builds local youth as community tutors cum entrepreneurs called 'Saksham-Mitras'. It trains and provides them with capabilities and resources to empower their community through education and awareness, while earning a livelihood for themselves. i-Saksham identifies motivated youth, trains them in details of pedagogy, digital tools and english and guides them to deliver quality learning.

Frequently asked questions -

  • Q: What is organsiation status of i-Saksham ?
  • Ans: i-Saksham is a not-for-profit organisation.
  • Q: Where does i-Saksham operates ?
  • Ans: As of today i-Saksham works in Jamui and Munger districts of Bihar.
  • Q: Does contributing to i-Saksham have tax benefits ?
  • Ans: Donations to i-Saksham are exempted under section 80(g) of Income Tax Act, 1960.

Meet the Saksham-Mitras

How Can You Help!

Help for a cause

i-Saksham prefers to be a channel to bring best of oppotunities in some of the poorest areas of the country. You can create that opportunity in many ways.

Creating learning material

  • Vineet Sabharwal , who stays in Gurgaon, helped us create a fun session 'camera' for children. If you do have ideas to enhance learning among children, please share it here.
  • We did not have videos for Bihar board English. Pulkit and team in US are helping with recording videos for Bihar board English.
  • If you can teach children English and can get it recorded, please provide information here.We will reach out to you.

Join the effort

Mentor a youth

Chichan mentored a youth to clear JNU entrance and chase her dreams.

Priyaranjan, a maths enthusiast is helping another youth who is doing graduation with Mathematics(H) and needs help every now and then.

Kaushik Kishore, created business plan for a youth in Jamui, further helped financially by Smita Nagpal , Abhishek and Neha.

You can also help. Please provide information about your interest areas here.

Visiting the field

If you are reading this line, means you can use English and Information technology to help your work and may be, career. You can come and offer your skill and knowledge to community, in some of the deprived regions.
A short visit by you can be transforming for some of the children you will interact with. Jamui and Munger have reasonable arrangements for stay.

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